How to Survive  the Mamador 30 Days Challenge and Come Out On Top

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What’s a better way to kick-start your 2017 (heart) health journey than the Mamador 30-Days #Pledge4YourHeart Challenge?

Pounds will be shed.

Flabby muscles toned.

And best of all, your heart will thank you for giving it some tender loving care (or TLC for short). After all that stress from last year, you owe it that much!

We are super excited to begin this fitness challenge with you, and to help you get the best out of it, we thought to share 8 fitness challenge “survival” tips. Make sure you stay committed, and of course, share photos of your great ‘post-challenge’ body afterwards.


  • Write down your fitness goals: This simple act goes a long way in making sure your Mamador Challenge goals are quantifiable and realistic. You can take things a step further by placing these written down goals beside your bed. That way, it’s the first thing you see each day, and the last too.


  • Have a workout buddy: People tend to enjoy workouts more when they do it with others, and research proves it. You can check out this recent study report by the University of Southern California for more details of a study we came across. You are likely to stay motivated by a healthy dose of competition too.



  • Tell family and friends: Stay accountable! Talk to your loved ones about your plans so they can check up on your progress. You want to have people to celebrate with when you are done too.


  • Stay hydrated: If you have a handy water bottle, get set to carry it everywhere with you this month! Experts recommend a daily intake of 8 glasses of water to function at your optimal best. According to WebMD, you are also less likely to get dizzy and lethargic when drinking water during a workout.


  • Eat light, healthy meals: This is the year of heart health and that means avoiding dishes with high cholesterol and sugar. During this challenge, it’s best to avoid a hearty meal of eba and egusi, for example, that you usually would enjoy. Lighter dishes are a preferred choice and we have many options for you to choose from in our cookbook.
  • Don’t overthink the plan: It is easy to get carried away with the Mamador Challenge to the point of losing the fun factor. Or even worse, you get caught up on how seemingly slow your progress is compared  to your workout buddy’s and start losing your morale. Don’t do it! Have a good time as you commit to the plan and go with the flow.
  • Record your journey: From workout journals to daily mini photoshoots, keeping records of your progress is a fun way to stay motivated and committed. Feel free to share photos/commentaries on social media with the hashtag #Pledge4YourHeart We just might repost on our pages and show you off to the world!


  • Celebrate your success at the end: Once you pass the 30 day mark, throw yourself a little party and celebrate. Show off that great figure in a new outfit because you deserve it.

We hope these tips help. Wishing you all the best on your heart health journey!

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