5 Eating Habits That May Be Affecting Your Health

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Is your eating habit affecting your health?


Well, let’s find out. Food to the body is like fuel to a car. While that might be mostly what a car feeds on to move, the wrong kind will also crash the car engine. The wrong kind of eating habit can lead to affect your health. Today, we’d take time examining 5 eating habits that may be affecting your health.




Eating Habit

You know, many times we are tempted to allow ourselves take food into our systems at times when our bodies are meant to be at rest or said to be inactive; the consequences of this is the fact that our bodies do not digest these meals or does so inadequately. People often say things like “my stomach can’t tell when it’s late” which is funny because the body knows when it’s rest/sleep time and when it’s work/activity time. Consequently, when it’s rest/sleep time, food becomes really toxic to the body.





Different schools of thought have over time come up with different ideologies as regards this subject matter. Some people skip for weight loss and others don’t get the chance to grab something on their way out. Above all, it should be known that irrespective of our reasons, our bodies have a system and this system is affected negatively or positively by our actions and inactions. You can take some time to notice or compare days you skip breakfast and days you don’t. You will notice your non-breakfast days are usually unorganized as regards meals, you want to eat anything and everything that looks appealing. With this habit, you will find it very difficult to keep up with your diet plan. You know the breakfast days are not like that when you consciously decide and prepare what you have for breakfast. You would want to do the same for lunch likewise dinner.





Eating Habit

You know, it would do a world of good if we treated our stomach’s better. And this we can achieve by being more deliberate about what we eat at all times. It is advisable to always make your own meals, this way, you can control your portions, and pick healthy options as well. We expose ourselves to heart disease and other illness diabetes when we habitually consume junk food, especially as snacks. However, you can satisfy your junk food craving by preparing your own meals with healthy options including mamador vegetable cooking oil with is 100% cholesterol-fee. To further inspire you, check out our over-ripe plantain waffle recipe. It is easy to prepare and very tasty.





Eating Habit

Enough of the cooking! Sometimes your stomach just wants a taste of nature’s freshness. The fun part is; there are varieties to choose from, all you have to do is a sample as much as you can, then inculcate them in your meals as often as you can. We advise that you eat at least one fruit and vegetable every day. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidant which has been proven to protect the body against harmful disease such cancer and other heart diseases. You can also start by consuming fruits in season, making a smoothie or even enjoying the blast of a bowl of fruit salad.





To function properly, all the cells and organs of the body needs water. According to recent research, women are supposed to take at least 2.7 liters of water and men, at least 3.7 liters. This will help the kidney function properly. While we understand that this may take a while for adaptation to happen, you can start by taking a glass of water first thing every morning and another glass of water before bed. Drinking water can also help you burn calories, so if you’re looking to burn some calories, this should be a catch. You can also add some fruity flavor to your water making more appealing.



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It is also important to note that our bodies have a system and any effort to alter a pattern needs to be done with caution, besides, our bodies are different so take it one step at a time.


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