7 Healthy Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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You know what they say about homemade food, right? Now, imagine that entire experience – preparing and eating – with your sweetheart. Awesomeness.

While eating out at some fancy restaurant has it perks, nothing quite compares to the fabulousness of a romantic dinner at home. There’s just something about the two of you teaming up and preparing the meal together. The romantic experience stretches longer than the mealtime itself.

Since we’re talking about a romantic dinner, the choice of meals have to be carefully selected. You will have to choose amazing recipes that are easy to prepare. No use spending too long in the kitchen, sweating over a meal, if you’re fishing for a romantic experience. Luckily, you have us. We’ve selected some exciting options for you and your partner to try out. All of which can be prepared in under 45 minutes. Thank us later.

1. Beef Fried Rice:

Beef Rice

If you both want to go the way of Chinese food, this is an easy yet marvellous option. Beef Fried Rice is a quick to make stir fry meal. Serve it up with a nice bottle of wine and you’ll both be well on your way to a fantastic evening.

  1. Fish Stew:
    Beef Stew

This is a healthy and delicious meal made with fish and a selection of spices. Fish is renowned for being a brain food and, according to research, also good for the heart. You can both decide on which spices to use so as to achieve the desired taste. Serve it with rice or potatoes. You may also decide to add veggies to the serving.

3. Chicken Curry Sauce:

Chicken Curry

You can get this one ready in a short time and start off your evening early. Chicken curry sauce can be had with staple foods like rice, potatoes or even plantain. That’s a choice you can both decide on.

  1. Wine Glazed Steak:
    Wine Glazed Steak

Romantic dinners are all the more perfect when there’s wine in the mix. The Wine Glazed Steak meal takes the awesome experience up a notch, with the extra sweetness that comes with cooking steak in wine and honey. It is just the perfect setup for a romantic dinner.

5. Coconut Fried Rice:

Fried Rice

Think Jollof rice but with a rather sweet coconut-ey flavour. This meal really comes alive because of the coconut milk added to it. It will make for something exciting and different – a right spark for a romantic dinner.

6. Ekpang Nkukwo Porridge


If you guys are looking to do try something unconventional, this is one recipe you should definitely have a shot at. Ekpang Nkukwo is a cocoyam porridge dish prepared with various spices and fish – or meat. As always, you could always add ingredients to achieve your desired taste.
7. Ofada Rice:

Ofada Rice

Ofada sauce totally works if you want to sample an extra spicy meal that leaves a tang in your mouth afterwards. It is different from the traditional stew but just as enjoyable. Serve it with rice and wash it down with wine for effect.

Alright, there you go. Give any of these treats a try and let us know how your dinner went. End dinner on an even sweeter note by trying out some Healthy Desserts That Can Give You A Cheer.

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