How to Make Jollof Rice in 5 Easy Steps

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In contemporary Nigerian social sphere, there’s a popular saying, “You can’t please everyone; you’re not jollof rice”. What that tells us is that everyone loves jollof rice! Since we know that you do, we’d like to show you how to make jollof rice in 5 easy steps in order to get the perfect dish:


  1.       Prepare your ingredients before you start out. Process your tomatoes and peppers, have your onions and other vegetable chopped, then season and cook your meat ahead of time. This ensures that you don’t run out of time while the cooking is going on. Remember that jollof rice needs to be just appropriately tender and not overcooked.


  1.       Fry the tomatoes and peppers for a while before adding the onions with fresh healthy oil. Because the tomatoes and peppers need a longer time to cook, it is usually more ideal to start with them first.


  1.       After the washed rice has been added to the prepared sauce, cook on low heat for about 30 minutes or for as long as it takes the rice to get soft. Keeping a low heat ensures that your precious pot of rice gets cooked evenly and that you do not end up with a burnt pot of food.


  1.       Combining tomato paste with fresh tomatoes gives you a distinct flavour that can best be described as the best of both worlds. Also, make use of bay leaves, curry, thyme, seasoning cube and some sprinkles of dried, ground Cameroun pepper to give your jollof a delightfully spicy taste.


  1.       Serve with beef, chicken, fish or just any preferred meat choice. If you decide to cook the meat together with the rice, ensure the meat is pre-boiled before adding to the rice.

Now that you have these tips, go ahead and enjoy your jollof rice and share the moments with a friend. You can also take a look at our piece on garlic chicken fried brown rice.

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