How to Quickly Prepare Gizdodo as a Snack

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Fried ripe plantains, popularly referred to as dodo, is a Nigerian staple that can serve as a full meal or a side dish. In the recent past, a delightful combination comprising gizzard and dodo began to gain popularity. Although gizdodo is usually served with rice dishes, nothing stops you from having it solely as a snack. So, if you are asking how to prepare gizdodo as a snack, this article brings you a list of steps to take.

  1.       Get your ingredients in place. For a quantity that should serve about four people, these should consist of 4 fresh ripe plantains, a bowl of gizzard, 3 large tomatoes, 5 medium-sized peppers, 1 large onion, food seasoning or bouillon cubes, salt,  and a bottle of Mamador vegetable oil.
  2.       Remove the plantain peel and cut the plantain into fairly sizable cubes.
  3.       Cook the gizzard till it’s slightly tender. Season to your taste with salt, pepper, curry and bouillon cube.
  4.       Chop the gizzard to sizes similar to the plantain.
  5.       Fry the gizzard till it’s slightly brown and then, drain.
  6.       Fry the plantain in pure vegetable oil till it’s a golden brown and then, drain.
  7.       Prepare the sauce by frying chopped onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers. Add seasoning and salt to taste.
  8.       Turn the already fried gizzards and plantains into the pot of sauce and stir.
  9.       Allow this to simmer for a while, preferably not more than 2 minutes.
  10.   Serve and enjoy.

What drink would you like to serve with your gizdodo? Please share with us in the comments. Also, check out our recipe for honey lime chicken skewers.

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