Mamador Virgin Palm Oil

Available in: 500ml & 900ml PET bottles | 2.8L & 3.8L Family pack bottles
Mamador Virgin Palm Oil is perfect for all of your cooking requirements; whether you’re frying, dressing a delicious local salad, or using it as an ingredient for your great local dishes and traditional recipes. It has a distinct natural, fresh taste which does not coat the tongue or alter the expected taste of the meals prepared with it. It is rich in Vitamins A and E.

Unlike most palm oil, Mamador Virgin Palm Oil does not contain any colourant (e.g. Sudan red dye) to make it reddish and is uniquely filtered to remove all impurities that are dangerous to human health.

Mamador Virgin Palm Oil is the smart choice for heart health and tasty meals.

Mamador Cooking Oil is produced and packaged locally (in Nigeria) in a world class refinery- ISO, NAFDAC and CODEX-certified manufacturing environment which guarantees 100% product quality and freshness.

  • Uniquely filtered - for freshness, flavor and removal of all impurities
  • Tamper proof pack
  • '100% pure as it contains no artificial additives
  • 'Virgin' oil trademarked
  • About

    Tamper Proof Packs

    Mamador tamper proof packaging gives you the peace of mind that your Mamador Virgin Palm oil is 100% pure. There is less human contact during production process unlike what obtains in some markets. We guarantee that as long as the packaging is intact all you get is 100% pure red oil packed in our world-class clean, safe factory to ensure health, freshness and superb taste, meal after meal.

    Uniquely Filtered

    Mamador Virgin Palm oil is uniquely filtered during the production process to ensure a superior flavor, color and clarity. The filtering process also ensures it stays fresher for longer.

    benefits of Virgin Palm Oil

    Mamador is the first palm oil brand with the ‘Virgin’ trademark in Nigeria. This signifies the brand purity as no additive is added to make it reddish or prolong shelf life. The production process is certified as meeting international standard for the ‘Virgin’ appellate on a cooking oil.


    Just like you, Mamador knows what’s best to keep the family fed, healthy and happy. Next time you’re cooking make sure you use Mamador Virgin Palm Oil so that only the good gets into your food.

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