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Here’s to the #ArtwithMamador Winners!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

During the festive season, we got a chance to experience these simple yet inspiring words of Albert; through the works of amazing artists that participated in the just concluded #ArtwithMamador challenge.

To give well-deserving creatives across Nigeria the Mamador spotlight, we launched the #ArtwithMamador challenge in December, 2021. The challenge saw inspirational and aesthetically pleasing entries from incredible artists across Nigeria. From make-up, to visual art, to craft entries, the competition was a spectacle.

From over 300 remarkable entries that graced the challenge, 23 winners were selected and rewarded accordingly.

Coming in first place is Eweje Emmanuel Gbenga, with his artwork titled Portrait of a King and created by using yarns of different colours and shades to create a portrait. His creative entry using the brand’s colours is unique, beautiful, and one of the works that made the competition vibrant. 

Eweje Emmanuel is a visual artist and has been in this creative space for six years. By emerging 1st place in this #ArtwithMamador challenge, Eweje Emmanuel won himself a whopping cash prize of ₦300,000. Congratulations Eweje Emmanuel!

Our second winner for this amazing challenge is Abraham Ayomide Adewole with his entry titled Mamador Cheerful. This was centred on a quote by Henry Kissinger which states; “control oil and you control a nation, control food and control the people.” The entry which creatively expresses his art style whilst making use of Mamador’s products, has won Abraham Ayobami Adewole a  cash prize of ₦200,000.

With over three years of experience as a visual artist in the creative industry, Abraham Ayobami Adewole has created unique art pieces over time that not only resonate with his audience but with the public at large. Cheers on your win Abraham Ayobami Adewole!

In third place, we have the unique entry of Ikenokwalu Godson Chukwudubem.   His talent and creativity were aptly expressed in creating this beautiful piece titled; Full Satisfaction in One Package.

Ikenokwalu Godson Chukwudubem  has worked as a visual artist for thirteen years and participating in this art challenge was, according to him, “awesome!” A sum of ₦100,000 will be awarded to him for being creative and pushing limits. Cheers Ikenokwalu Godson Chukwudubem!

In the #ArtwithMamador challenge, everyone is a winner; besides our top three winners, the following artists came in fourth place and will be rewarded with ₦20,000 vouchers each for expressing their art uniquely:

  1. @ifeanyi_id_art 
  2. @mankoart 
  3. @Famouslight056 
  5. @rayartworld 
  7. @dark.belle  
  8. @qwhosiri.illustration 
  9. @hendrix_ha04 
  10. @_juls.illustration 
  11. @chendys_artistry 
  12. @Olumide.majaro 
  13. @leemahs.touch 
  14. @vbountarz 
  15. @chukwu_dii 
  16. @adelekanfortune 
  17. Onomigbo Esther Ojevwe
  18. @sunnythe_artist
  19. @beatbytenrey
  20. @Bolarin0luwayemisi

Twenty-Three hearty cheers to all our winners and to everyone that participated in the #ArtwithMamador challenge. Thank you for being a part of this colourful campaign and for unlocking flavours during the festive season.

Don’t stop Pushing Limit!!!

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