4 Tips To Help You Snack Healthy

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Healthy snacking tips

So there has been and still is a vague definition of what exactly a snack is. For the purpose of this blog post, we will define a snack as any food product taken in, outside the usual meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Some popular snacks include, nuts, fruits, fruit juices, bread, cookies, chin chin, small chops etc. You can check out our healthy tasty snack recipes for cookies, banana bread, granola bars and much more in our cookbook.

Now, have you ever wondered why you eat between meals? Why you have snacks in the first place? Here’s what we think: Sometimes it’s hunger, but that’s not all,other times, you could be motivated by stress, unhappiness, anger, cravings, boredom or a desire to treat yourself to something good.

Healthy Snacking Tips

So the next time you feel like you’re in the mood for a snack, these healthy snacking tips should help you get the best of experience:

1. Snacking before meals: This is sometimes tricky, because we try to avoid getting full on snacks and not having enough room for the main meal. Recent studies show that snacking on something that is high in protein is a great choice for a before-meal snack. You can treat yourself to a small bag of nuts for a quick fix – cashew nuts, groundnuts and peanuts, to name a few. Any of these nuts are guaranteed to help you cut down your cravings for sugary or fatty foods.

2. Snacking after meals: 9 times out of 10 this is often as a result of our portion control When we eat less than we should, it us make you hungry before your next meal. You can use our ultimate portion control post to get your portions right.

3. Snacking before a workout: Carbs make really good pre-workout snacks. They break down into glucose which fuel our cells with more energy to exercise for a longer time. These would be perfect to snack on before you begin cardio: dried fruits, oatmeal, crackers and other simple carbohydrate because they digest faster.

4. Snack on fruits: Snacking on fruit is another trick. As stated by com, these fruits make great healthy snacking foods:

(a) Apple– The fiber in apples digest quite slowly, leaving your stomach full enough to hold up for the next meal.

Healthy snacking apples


(b) Bananas–  they contain resistant start which the body digests more slowly, and also keep blood sugar down.

Healthy snacking bananas


(c) Cherries: Cherries are similar to berries in terms of their antioxidant value. They have a bit higher natural sugar content, but they’re still very low-carb and are an excellent source of important fiber.

Healthy snacking Cherries




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