5 Great Substitutes For Soft Drinks

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Healthy drinks

Hi guys! We hope you’ve been enjoying our Healthy Eating Series so far.

Last week, we talked about essential healthy spices, and why they need to be a major ingredient in your homemade recipes. This week, we will be discussing the next best thing to a glass of water – healthy, delicious drinks!

Choosing the healthy life involves replacing fizzy, high-carb sodas with healthy drinks that are just as nice. That’s why we’re positive you’ll find this list extremely useful. Read on to learn more about 5 drinks you should totally ditch soft drinks for…we guarantee you’ll fall in love:

  1. Soy Milk :


Sweet gist, ladies! Did you know that soy milk can prevent postmenopausal syndrome?

Yes, soy milk contains phytoestrogen, a hormone that makes women less vulnerable to postmenopausal symptoms like insomnia and mood swings. Studies featured in Soya.be also show that you’re less likely to lose calcium in your kidney and have a heart disease, all thanks to the the milk’s soluble fibre that lowers cholesterol.

Made by soaking, grinding and boiling soybeans in water, soy milk is naturally low in sugar content as stated in Fitday, It also contains the same amount of calories as skimmed milk, and is highly rich in vegetable proteins

  1. Iced Lemon Drink :

Ice Tea

This very interesting combo of honey, lemon, and tea would go nicely with a delicious plate of oatmeal cookies. The sweet, refreshing drink is a good source of vitamin C, and according to Foodmatters, it’s great for thorough cleansing.

Rawfoodenergybenefits.com also recommends iced lemonade as one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to boost your immune system.

  1. Mint tea:

Mint Tea

A delicious and refreshing way to boost your health is by drinking mint tea. It has the ability to improve your digestion significantly, promoting the passage of food as it moves through your digestive tract.

Also worth noting is mint tea’s ability to support the body and mind, as cited by Organicfacts.net. It’s also a great relief for nasal congestion because its menthol ingredient acts as a natural decongestant.

  1. Hot chocolate


Close your eyes and imagine this nice, hot cup of chocolate sliding down your tongue and down your throat…

Everyone loves hot chocolate! It’s the perfect companion for cold mornings or nights, wrapping you up with just the right cuddle of warmth.

Studies cited in Womanitely show that this delicious drink actually helps regular drinkers think better. Its flavonoid properties increase the blood flow and oxygen to your brain, helping in this function. Inquisitr.com also points out cocoa’s benefit of elevating moods and fighting depression.

  1. Green tea :


Research scientist Christopher Ochner in WebMd.com states that refreshing green tea can actually help keep blood sugar levels stable in people with diabetes.

And here is one for the fitfam team – green tea helps to increase fat burning by increasing a person’s metabolic rate.  With all this said, who else wants a cup of green tea after dinner?


Finally guys, don’t keep this newfound info to yourself. Share the post with friends and get them on the healthy eating train. Also, leave a comment after trying the drinks, telling us which is your favourite.

Our MAMADOR COOKBOOK has a long list of delicious food, that will go perfectly with any of these 5 drinks!


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  1. Osuorji Chioma says:

    Soya is my favourite but will like to try mint. But can I find mint in the mkt?

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    Thanks for the great information. I will give it a try.

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    Great!!!wil definitely grab a glass of lemonade this afternoon with my lunch.CHEERS

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      Hi, We don’t have a cookbook for sale. Do visit the cookbook section of our website for lots of healthy recipes! Thanks for reading.

  6. Michael Akya says:

    The Green tea is my take because of my health requirements.

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    excellent research keep it up, better still name all your recipe and procedure to process it also award prize to your customer . thank you

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