5 Interesting Seafood to Spice Up Your Meals

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Want to take an adventure in your kitchen? It’s time to get food from the ocean into your belly. There is a variety of seafood to grab. From squids, octopuses to all kinds of fish. Below are a few interesting seafood options you’ve got to try!

  1. Prawns: Prawns are every seafood lover’s favorite. Prawns and shrimp are usually mistaken for each other, but they are distinguished by their sizes. There are a thousand ways to prepare prawns and it all depends on you. You could have your prawns spicy, crispy or juicy, if you may, you can have all three at once! They can be eaten with a bowl of rice or pasta, and even absolutely fantastic alone. 
  2. Crabs: You probably didn’t know but crabs are perfect for salads, pies, and soups. Making crabs are absolutely easy, and it’s best preparing them yourselves. Steaming or boiling crab legs can be the easiest way to keep in the flavor, but don’t forget your crab cracker! 
  3. Shrimps: There are various mouth-watering shrimp recipes. You could try creamy shrimp mac and cheese or prepare glazing shrimp kebabs. Shrimps would leave you with an unforgettable taste and you just won’t stop eating them! They are small in size but contain a lot of goodness.
  4. Lobsters: Lobsters are popularly eaten at expensive restaurants and cuisines. However, you can prepare the best lobsters just in your own kitchen! With a burst of inviting flavors such as garlic, white wine, honey, and lemon, you won’t hesitate to try them again.  
  5. Fish: Everyone knows about fish, but have you explored different kinds of fish? You may take a break from adding just croaker and titus to your soups and stews. There are thousands of species that are yummy and high in protein as well. Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are one of the healthy and tasty options for you.


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