5 Nigerian Recipes That the Whole World Should Know and Love

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Are you a Nigerian patriot and do you love to show off the rich heritage of your country? In this post, we present 5 Nigerian recipes that the whole world should know and love. These recipes may have slight variations once in a while as a result of peculiar tastes but the basics are the same, and they are so wonderful that we’d rather not keep them to ourselves. Let’s share:

  • Jollof Spaghetti: There is something about Nigerians and the love of all things jollof. From jollof rice to jollof beans, we have the irresistible jollof spaghetti. You could opt for tomato paste or simply stick to chopped fresh tomatoes. Either way, go on, cook and garnish with vegetables as you like.


  • White rice, stew and coleslaw: In most Nigerian families, an ideal Sunday is one with a rice dish for either lunch or dinner. Even more specific is the traditional white rice and stew which is served with coleslaw as a side dish. This recipe offers a variety in just one meal, ensuring that you draw from all the classes of food.


  • Fish pepper soup: Spicy? Tick. Delicious? Tick. Reinvigorating? Tick. You can’t go wrong with this dish and because it is light, it can conveniently serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, it is a welcome alternative for people who do not like to eat meat. You can add a bit of real local touch and cook the soup with unripe plantains. You see why we are certain you’d love it?


  • Pounded yam and efo riro: Pounded yam is in the league of ball foods that Nigerians refer to as “swallow”. However, we want to introduce you to a special accompaniment, efo riro. This soup draws its name from the leafy vegetable which is its key ingredient. The end result of this recipe is sure to brighten your day with its scrumptiousness. Yes, we said so.


  • Suya: Generally seen as an evening delicacy, suya lights up parties and other outdoor events. A good source of protein, suya is often served with onions, cabbage, cucumber and tomatoes. Who doesn’t love a combination of fun and healthy?

We would love to hear what you think about these recipes, and if you’re trying out suya for an outdoor occasion, you will find How to Organise an Outdoor Grill Party very helpful.



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