7 Kid-Friendly Delicious Breakfast Recipes

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It’s a daily battle: the minutes of cajoling and sometimes, subtle threats borne out of frustration. The desire to see our kids start out their day nourished and energised is one that we perfectly understand. We have taken the proactive step to ease breakfast nightmares with this list of 7 kid-friendly delicious breakfast recipes that will thrill your kids, add variety to a hitherto morning ritual, and leave you a happy and fulfilled parent.


  1.    Sausage Bread Rolls: Use the board and rolling pin in your kitchen to surprise the little ones with bread that is not regular. This recipe is easy and simply requires that you flatten out slices of fresh bread, spread some margarine on the slice, and roll in a piece of cooked sausage. Cut into small, attractive sizes and serve with your child’s preferred chocolate drink.


  1.    Cheese toast with fruit slices: Imagine the combined treat of cheese toasted bread that has been topped with tiny slices of strawberry. The aroma of toast is good motivation to get your child reaching for the breakfast table, giving him/her the benefits of calcium and phosphorus in cheese and the vitamins packed in the fruit.


  1.    Crêpes smeared with peanut butter: The fascinating feature of crêpes is that they are thinner than your usual pancakes- something that you can take advantage of, especially if your kids are usually overwhelmed by the size or quantity of food. The peanut spread adds an extra flavour that your kids will enjoy. Serve with a cup of juice and expect grateful hugs before they run off to school.


  1.    Akara and corn/millet pap: Saturday mornings give the luxury of time so you can spice up the menu with this legendary local recipe. You can either go the route of dehusking the beans and grinding yourself or you can opt for already made bean flour. Whichever is your choice, frying with pure Mamador Vegetable Oil gives your akara the perfect crisp taste and assures you that your kids are getting only the healthy oil in.  


  1.    Fried plantains with orange-flavoured oats: Oats are a rich source of soluble fibre and when eaten as an accompaniment for fried plantains, makes a delicious meal for your child to begin his day. Simply give the oats an orange flavor by sprinkling grated orange skin on the cooked porridge.


  1.    Fish and vegetable sandwich: Let the kids start the day with the feeling of being rewarded—that’s the effect that sandwiches can have. Combine fish with shreds of carrots, green peppers and cabbage to get a sandwich filling that is as tasty as it’s healthy.


  1.    Banana muffins: Muffins are always a delight for kids; a moist yummy banana recipe makes it even more delightful. It’s the same procedure you’ve always known for every other type of muffin, so you’re getting your child’s attention with a variety you’re certain they’ll savour.

What other kid-friendly breakfast recipes do you know? Share with us in the comments, and you may also love to see our potato cake recipe.

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