8 Tips to Successfully Grill a Thanksgiving Turkey

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The absolutely enjoyable Thanksgiving turkey is usually tender, juicy and tasty; grilling the turkey helps you achieve this. This is in addition to the key benefit of grilling which is that it offers less fat since part of the fat content drips off while the food is cooking. In this post, we bring you 8 tips to successfully grill a Thanksgiving turkey for a dinner that will be both memorable and worth your time.

1)      Inspect your grill ahead of time. Clean it and ensure that there are is no malfunction. Also, check that your grill thermometer is working well. This gives a seamless flow for the entire cooking process.

2)      An outdoor grill gives intense but indirect heat that helps to bring out the flavours of your turkey. Indirect heat also eases off the stress of constantly touching the meat as the rotating heat cooks the food evenly.

3)      Ensure that the high temperature is sustained throughout the process of cooking. This way, you do not have to worry about some portions of the meat getting overdone or not getting properly cooked. Using an aluminium foil helps to keep the turkey juicy and ensures that it cooks evenly.

4)      Intermittently tilt the turkey while it is cooking such that the juices concentrated in the centre can roll off downwards and flavour other parts of the meat.

5)      Do not cut up your turkey immediately it’s off the grill. Some patience in leaving the turkey to sit for a while helps to conserve the juices.

6)      It is also important that you use a sharp knife for carving the turkey. Apart from saving you the danger of hurting yourself with a blunt knife, it gives you neat and appetising pieces. You don’t want to ruin your efforts with poorly-carved turkey now, do you?

7)      Place your turkey in a shallow cooking pan. This is because a deep pan may prevent the turkey from cooking evenly. Remember that the aim of using a pan is to have a collector for the drippings without impeding the spread of heat across all parts of your meat.

8)      Grease the entire meat lightly with healthy Mamador Vegetable Oil. This keeps your meat from sticking to the pan. It also gives it an appetising look and a great taste.  


We trust that you will find these tips helpful, so go on and play a host of the year at Thanksgiving. You can also see our grilled fish recipe for more variety on your menu.  

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