An Ode to Jollof Rice

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An Ode to Jollof Rice by Mamador

Do you think jollof rice is special because of its great taste, irresistible aroma, and inviting look?

Yes? Then, you’re not far from the truth then…

We have fresh jollof gist for you! Jollof rice (a.k.a the life of the party) has an actual day to itself. And that special day is Monday Aug 22nd people!

In honour of  World Jollof Rice Day, Team Mamador has a special dedication to our dear Jollof rice. It reads as thus:


An Ode to Jollof Rice

What is that everyone so wish to eat?

Which food can make a party incomplete

Whose sweetness can be washed down well with wine

And still taste good with protein dressed fine


Which food gives joy you can’t explain

Like how best can you enjoy fried plantain?

Your scent keeps hunger still at bay

Your presence chases sorrow away


Few foods really put Chefs to the test

And Make Ghana and Nigeria fight and jest

Which plate of food can cause so much unrest

You oh King Jollof, are the very best


Yes, all hail King Jollof!

(The jury is still out on whether she’s a queen or not though).

We are sure our ode made you more in love with every Nigerian’s favourite dish.

Try our can’t-go-wrong-delicious Jollof rice recipe or our Bulgur Jollof here.


In our opinion, Jollof rice has to be the most accommodating dish when you think about it. Only Jollof rice by itself has room for moi-moi, chicken, turkey, plantain, eggs, salads, beef and fish! Whatever you choose to add to it increases the amount of nutrients you take in. A plate of Jollof rice and it’s tenants can contain, carbohydrate (rice) , protein and fat (turkey ), fiber (vegetables) . What can be more balanced?  So have a blast enjoying this meal the healthy way.  


And as you enjoy your jollof rice, remember that portion control is key. Read our portion control post if you haven’t yet.

For even more on Jollof Rice, you might find The Perfect Jollof Rice Buddy: Chicken or Turkey very interesting.

Happy World Jollof Rice day!

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  1. Juliet Aloaye says:

    So nice….Me & Jollof rice

  2. Lawal olufunmilayo says:

    Jollof rice, the original naija party planner.

  3. helen eze oladimeji says:

    Hmm jollof rice king of all party food luv cooking it nd dis recipe will make me learn more

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