Chef’s Little Helpers

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Chef's little helpers

We always aim to take good care of our children by preparing only the best food for them but often times one finds that our children are also equally keen to give back. With that in mind, we decided to ask the parents amongst our Facebook foodie followers for tips about how to best get the kids involved in the kitchen.

One darling little girl sings her mum along as she prepares dinner. Her mum gave us a snippet of the cute cooking chorus – “food will soon be ready ei ei ooooo”.

Another daughter sounds like an absolute dream child. The little girl started washing plates at the age of 7 and then, 3 years later, was able to cook, wash her school uniform, and wash her lunch pack by herself.  By the sounds of it, her junior sister, who is 7 years old, is not far behind as she’s already started washing plates. This is a mother who’s raised her children perfectly.

One little girl always shows her willingness to carry the pure water from the fridge to the table and another girl washes the plates, unwraps the cooking cubes, and arranges the cabinets (which her mother has confessed is a great help especially when just returning from the market).

Other parents were quick to mention that it wasn’t only the little girls who were culinary angels, but the boys as well.

One young man always gets involved with washing the dishes, his only motivation being the joy he gets for doing it for his mummy.

Another mother boasted about the fact that she’d never had to hire a maid because her little boys did all of the chores around the house including going to the market and preparing some of the smaller meals.

Then, of course, there are the little kiddies who taste their auntie’s soup and always say the food is delicious even when, as the aunty confessed herself, there’s not enough salt in it. We’ll make a prediction right now that, when they grow up, they’re going to have wonderful marriages!

All these children sound like absolute angels and we’d like to thank their great parents for contributing these stories.

Do you have a little star who you’d like to show off? Please tell us about him or her and how they try their best to make your life a little bit easier 

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