Christmas and What Meals to Prepare for the Whole Family

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Cold season, travels, family reunions and food: these comprise Christmas! While meals are a huge part of the Christmas package, it is important that you have a range of recipes that suit the mood of the festive season. In guiding your choices, it is important to factor in meals that are nutritive and appealing to everyone in the family. In this post, we bring to you what meals to prepare for the whole family this Christmas:

1.Unripe plantain porridge

This year, create memories that are away from the norm. This meal is appealing to both young and old and is full of iron and vitamins. Prepared with smoked fish, prawns and nicely chopped ugu leaves, what you get is a mouth-watering and irresistible main dish that will have everyone asking for a second helping. You can also sprinkle some nchanwu (also called scent leaf) to give it a great, inviting aroma.

2. Coconut fried rice

If your family is used to having either coconut rice or fried rice, Christmas is an opportunity to give them both worlds in one piece. Coconut milk is good for your heart and is rich in minerals and with lots of vegetables added, you can be certain that the family is getting a good diet. This is especially when the vegetables are sautéed with healthy oil. Serve with asun as a side dish for more protein. Remember to make the meat tender and not too peppery so that everyone can enjoy.

3. Basmati rice with shrimp sauce

This variety of rice, native to the Indians, is slender and long.  It has a special aroma and is also rich in fibre and minerals. One of the exciting ways to serve this rice is to boil it plain and serve with shrimp sauce.  For some local flavour, add the ever tasty moimoi as a side dish.

4. Goat meat pepper soup with potatoes

Make the most of your potatoes and boil them in spicy goat meat pepper soup. This meal is a pleasant combination of hot and sweet and gives an equal thrill to everyone on the table. Chop the goat meat into tiny pieces to make the meal more appetising and easier to savour.

5. Abakaliki rice with chicken stew and sautéed spinach

Similar to Ofada rice, this variety of rice is small-grained and is somewhat milky. When served with chicken stew, this meal is a delight.

Compliments of the season from all of us at Mamador. Let us know how you enjoyed your Christmas meals and you can look up more of our Christmas lunch recipes.


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