Cooling Down After a Spicy Meal

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Everyone has tried a meal that was too spicy at some point. You can recall the feeling, can’t you? Food so spicy you have mouth burn afterward like someone lit a fire in your mouth. We’ve all been there. Well, most of us.


The first impulse is usually to reach for water to cool everything down. That, quite frankly, never helps, it only makes it worse. The active ingredient in chili that makes it spicy is Capsaicin. While Capsaicin has a number of health benefits, it is very irritant to humans. It creates a burning sensation when it comes on body tissues. Water isn’t effective against Capsaicin, much like mixing water and oil together.
Thankfully, there are useful hacks – meals – to help cool down your plates, instead of writing and waiting out the pain. The following are meals you can eat right after you eat a spicy meal:

1. Avocados and Bananas


After eating a spicy meal, try eating bananas or avocados. Both are naturally creamy and will help insulate or block out the burning sensation that you’re feeling.

2. Sugar

On the off-chance that you don’t have any bananas or avocados at home, sugar comes in handy too. Putting some sugar in your mouth – a spoon full – and allowing it to sit in your mouth for a while helps with the burning sensation. Allowing the sugar to stay in your mouth ensure that it bonds with the Capsaicin and offset the burning sensation. You could decide to either swallow or spit it out afterward.

3. Milk

Drinking a glass of milk also helps. The fattier the milk, the more effective it will be, as the fat will coat your palates and douse the burning sensation. Also, the casein protein in the milk will bind with the capsaicin responsible for the burning sensation and reduce the effect.

4. Honey

Just like sugar, honey is also very effective in easing the burning sensation you feel after eating spicy meals. Grab a spoonful in your mouth and just let it sit there and, before long, it will cool down your palates. Again, like with sugar, you could either spit it out or swallow afterward.

5. Warm water

Yes, we already established that water isn’t very effective when it comes to relieving you of the burning sensation you feel after eating spicy food. But warm water helps. It helps to dissolve the capsaicin in your palates. So, just drink some warm water and allow it stay in your mouth for a little while before spitting it out. You should feel some relief before long.


There you go, we’ve talked about some very basic, easily accessible meals that can prove very useful in a “spicy crisis”. Do you use or know of any other hack to relieve the burning sensation after eating spicy food? Please share with us in the comments section. You might like our post on One Bird To Water Your Appetite.


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