Couscous: The Rice & Pasta Alternative You Should Try

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Barring noodles, there’s not another rice or pasta alternative that is so easy to prepare. And noodles don’t quite count as an alternative to rice and pasta. Couscous is made from steamed and dried durum wheat cut into granules. The product is of North African origin and has become so popular it is now a common substitute for rice and pasta in many parts of the world. One unique thing about this meal is that the grains are such that they can easily absorb flavors from other ingredients added to them when preparing the meal. In fact, the term comes from a preparation of the meal with meat spices and vegetables.



The most common form of this pasta alternative you’ll find at the supermarket is the pre-steamed type (Instant) which is easy to prepare – by adding boiling water to a bowl or pot like you would do for noodles. The second type is the regular couscous which hasn’t been pre-steamed. The regular couscous takes a while longer to prepare



While the grains can be prepared any way you desire, we’ve put up a method of preparation in our cookbook you can follow to achieve the delicious stir fry dish featured above. We’re going to list out some ways in which this delight can be prepared:


  1. Couscous with salad
  2. Couscous with lamb
  3. Couscous with vegetables and spices
  4. Couscous with carrots and fish
  5. Couscous with minced meat and sweet corn


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