Fried Rice Day: The Mamador Fried Rice Masterclass with Ify’s Kitchen and Zeelicious

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It’s World Fried Rice day. Did you know that you don’t have to wait till you are going for a party or going out with friends to enjoy a hot, tasty and healthy plate of your favourite special Nigerian Fried rice? Yes, you can make your fried rice in the comfort of your kitchen using the right ingredients and it would be so sumptuous that you might just dread eating fried rice made by anyone else. We know what you are thinking, “My Fried Rice cannot possibly be as sweet as the exceptional ones they serve outside”. Well, what if you learnt the perfect recipe from your favourite chefs, Ify’s Kitchen and Zeelicious


Now, there are several methods of cooking Nigerian Fried Rice. Some recipes call for parboiling of rice and then adding stock and veggies, and then cook till doneness. Others require cooking the rice, adding cooking oil and stock and then fried veggies then cook till the desired doneness. These methods are classic and tested. However, we also understand how confusing it can be and we are here to help with the Mamador Fried Rice Cookout.  


To celebrate Fried Rice Day on the 20th of September 2019, Mamador will be teaming up with renowned indigenous chefs — Ify’s Kitchen and Zeelicious– in a masterclass to help our fans discover the perfect recipe for a healthy, tasty, delicious plate of fried rice. Our chefs will be sharing everything you need to know about making fried rice the perfect way. They will share secret ingredients, techniques, and twists to make your fried rice unique and delicious like how they don’t have to use curry or Tumeric because they use the Mamador Chicken seasoning which already contains both. They would also share the secret to getting a rich-colored pot of fried rice with just 2-3 seasoning cubes because the Mamador Chicken seasoning is also bigger than any other seasoning cube. Amazing right fewer cubes for a more flavourful experience.


If you love cooking, eating or enjoying Nigerian Fried Rice, at this point, you should head on to the Mamador Instagram page and follow to get more information about this masterclass and also find out the benefits of using the Mamador seasoning cubes for fried rice, stews or soups. Get ready to become a fried rice cooking master. 

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