Healthy Local Drink Options

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Nigeria is home to different varieties of drinks. The good thing about these drinks is that a lot of them are not only pleasing to the taste buds but are also very nutritious and quite simple to make. Check out some of these recipes.



Made from dried Roselle plant flowers, and otherwise known as Nigerian red wine, zobo drink is a highly nutritious drink. When the ingredients are added in the right proportions, the taste is very welcoming to the taste buds. This is one drink you can share with family and friends. You can make it, put in small bottles and grab one as you go.



Kunu drink is a non-alcoholic drink primarily made from grains with a lot of health benefits. It originated from Northern Nigeria and has warmed its way into the hearts of Africans with its unique taste. This creamy delight is definitely a must-have drink and is well suited for Nigeria’s hot climate. A chilled cup of kunu drink is the best content to consume when one is thirsty. The drink can be made from tiger nuts, millet, corn, rice or sorghum.


Fura da nono

This millet and milk gruel is popularly produced and consumed by the Fulani tribe in Nigeria. This special African drink is one to look forward to. It is very refreshing and many non-Fulani Africans enjoy taking it. Individuals of all ages, gender, and social class are all able to enjoy a cup of Fura da nono and be refreshed by it.


Local Chapman

If you crave for a nice drink with a blend of fruity flavors then, the flavourful Nigerian Chapman is your best bet. As a popular beverage in Nigeria, the local Chapman can never be found missing on any occasion and in most local bars and restaurants. The local Chapman has a unique taste and it’s one drink you can mix in the comfort of your home and drink at any time of the day.


Soya milk drink

Drinking a glass of refreshing, rich soya milk drink every morning is one way to start your day on a good note. You may decide to use it as an accompaniment with snacks such as cookies, Nigerian puff puff and many more. It is plant protein (milk from a plant) and a great alternative to cow milk for those who have lactose intolerance.


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