Mouth-Watering Snacks for the Holiday Period

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Variety is the spice of life, right? When you are away from work or school and spending time with family and friends, you definitely would need some snacks to spice up the late mornings and early evenings. Thinking of ideas? Let’s give you a helping hand there. Right on this post is a list of mouth-watering snacks for the holiday period:

  1. Suya and vegetable pizza: How about giving everyone an exciting slice of pizza that tastes very Nigerian? Grill your beef or chicken with the yaji seasoning or simply purchase already prepared suya a night before and preserve in the freezer till you’re ready to prepare your ingredients. For added nourishment, toss some carrots and cabbage as you spread the toppings.

    2. Bole sandwich: Roasted plantain, popularly called bole, is often eaten with peanuts as a snack. This holiday, make it a sandwich by using peanut butter instead. Gently cut the plantain into a half and spread the peanut butter on both sides. Sounds yummy and irresistible? Of course!

    3. Pineapple upside down cake: It’s not out of place to say that holidays are synonymous with cakes. Since we all love to snack on cakes during the celebrations, take steps to make them more of a thrilling treat by trying the pineapple upside down cake. This is essentially prepared by placing carefully sliced pineapples in a baking pan before pouring the barter. Once the cake sets, the cake is overturned to have the fruits at the top.

    4. Coconut-flaked doughnut: Soft, tasty with a bit of crunchy – this describes this special doughnut with a coconut twist. Instead of the regular glazed doughnut, try mixing your dough with generous helpings of coconut flakes.

    5. Meat pie: We never get enough of delicious meat pies, do we? Simple steps of baking or frying slightly thick dough with moist beef and vegetable sauce filling will produce an awesome snack that you and your guests will find irresistible. Whichever cooking option you prefer, the Mamador spread and vegetable oil are your best bet.

Enjoy these awesome snack options as you have a great holiday and don’t forget to look up more recipes such as 5 healthy sauces that aren’t tomato stew.

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