How To Organize An Outdoor Grill Party

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If you’ve ever attended a barbecue event or party, you can attest to how enjoyable they usually are. There’s a grill in the corner, with a skilled chef manning it and dishing out barbecue beef, chicken and/or chicken, as the case may be, and there are several people gathered in an informal, entertaining ambiance. There’s usually some music in the background, too.


Grill parties require special care on the part of the organizers to come out well. With proper guidance, though, anyone should be able to pull it off. So, in case you’re planning to host a small group of people soon, you could opt for an outdoor grill party. Here are the things you need to get everything going:


  1. Creating the Guest List

For anyone who has ever planned a party, they know that sorting out the guest list is the most important bit about planning the party, more or less. For your grill party, you are going to have to be sure about who is coming and who isn’t. The guest list is particularly important because of the food preferences of the people coming over. You can get info on that ahead of time (on the invite you send out) and do your shopping based on that info. It also helps you know how many people you’re to plan for.


Also, grill parties can easily go wrong if the invites aren’t sorted out properly, as random people in the neighborhood could join in unless it is specified as an invite-only event.


  1. Decide the Location

Depending on the number of people you’re expecting, the right spot to use for your outdoor grill party could be the lawn in your backyard or some other bigger, available space. If you feel like doing something extra fun, you could have it at a beach front. You might have to pay some fees though, but having a grill party by the beach is an amazing experience.


Choosing the location also entails preparing the place – ensuring that the tables and chairs are set up and properly cleaned before the guests arrive. If you will be having a DJ or some other side attraction, you’ll have to pick their positions when you’re sorting out the location.


  1. Shopping for Food

This part of the preparation should be easier if you have already decided on your guest list. You know how many people are coming and you know everyone’s food preferences. It’s a grill party, so you’re going to be buying a considerable quantity of meat – beef, chicken and or fish, depending on preferences. You should endeavor to buy just a little bit more than would be required to feed a number of people coming for the party. This helps you be prepared in the event that more people show up than expected.


  1. Plan the Activities

Grill parties, by design, are generally fun because of the nature of the ambiance. Sometimes, all you need is a DJ playing some music in the background for your guests to enjoy whilst they eat. But you can go out of your way to make your grill party more fun by planning activities for everyone present to participate in. From board games to card games and other exciting team games, you can decide the degree of connectivity and fun that happens at the party with the activities you embed into it.


Have you ever organized an outdoor party before? How was the experience? Are there particular scenarios we may not have covered here you have had to deal with in your own planning? Please share with us in the comments section.
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