Owambe Time is Here!

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Owambe foodWhat’s your Owambe meal?
Owambe means a big party and in Nigeria, when we party, we do things with a bang! Whether we’re getting married, having a birthday, welcoming a newcomer or celebrating a life well lived, we’re going to go hard or go home and it’s awfully hard to go home when the food is sha sweet!

With this in mind, we asked our Facebook faithful what their favourite “Owambe” dish was and our resident foodies did not disappoint.

Fried rice came in strong with some not even needing meat with it. If that isn’t food passion, we don’t know what is! For others, chicken, beef, or fish and salad were a must to complete their meal.

Jollof rice, a sentimental favourite for many, of course, had to represent and wherever Jollof rice goes, Dodo is sure to follow!

There was the odd scattering of Moin Moin here and there before the “Swallow” army arrived at the party!

“Amala and Ewedu!” some proclaimed. “Iyan and Egusi!”, the rest responded.

One could almost “taste” the excitement in the air.

There were a few, like us, who were just happy to take in the atmosphere and salivate over this Facebook feast that was quickly growing.

“Omo…This is FOOD #salivating”.

“All the food is a temptation”.

The food passion was truly infectious!

One of our followers summed up everything perfectly when he said that “there’s no love sincere than the love of food”.

We couldn’t agree more!

What are your favourite Owambe dishes? What is our feast missing out on? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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Happy eating =)





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