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Mamador Classic Seasoning Cube

Available in: 5gx144

Mamador Classic flavour cube is made from a carefully thought out selection of spices flavour to add that rich taste in your meals. Sprinkle it into your pot of hot, steamy Ofada sauce and taste cocktail of flavours burst in your mouth.

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Imagine savouring the goodness of that mouth-watering yet healthy dish. You’ve just experienced the Mamador Seasoning Cube Moment! Mamador Classic cube offers a unique 2-in-1 benefit of yummy longer lasting taste from best quality ingredients and health benefits from 30% *RDA of Zinc & Iron for your family. Now, you can enjoy tastier meals and be sure your family is hale, hearty and happy. Choose Mamador Classic Seasoning today for tastier meals that will keep your family healthy.


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