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Are we the only ones that think being healthy is the new cool?

Like we all want to be healthy, be well, be in shape enough to interact with the variables that surround us, like our loved ones, jobs, and our social lives but remember, being healthy is a conscious effort, and your health is the product of the health decisions you make. In the same vein, we want to discuss some decisions that help you stay healthy. Below is a list of 4 interesting habits of healthy people you should emulate!


healthy eating

Oh yes this is not cliché, staying healthy is a conscious effort, one interesting habit of healthy people is the fact that they are always conscious of what they eat. Most healthy people swear by increased and continuous intake of fruits and vegetables and using oils that are low in cholesterol like mamador vegetable oil in cooking their meals. Contrary to what most diet plans preach, you can actually eat what you want when you want. The golden rule is Moderation; just watch it! Nobody says you shouldn’t eat doughnuts, burgers, cakes and all the other meals with calories- the secret is, do it with a lot of moderation. In fact, most people go further to even create a ratio of their healthy to unhealthy food intake, some have an 80:20 ratio which shows that they eat healthy 80% of the time.


sleep is healthy

No doubt this subject may seem over flogged,, since many very successful people mostly disclose how much time they spend doing other things with their lives and they end up using up their sleep time. Top and Bottom, it is important to know that sleep is a pertinent duty for the body to perform, meaning that it is unhealthy to not sleep or sleep inadequately. According to, the body needs sleep just as it needs air and food to function at its best. During sleep, your body heals itself and restores its chemical balance. Your brain forges new connections and helps memory retention.


This is already overemphasized, well, fortunately, a small regular exercise is all that is needed to keep you fit. Darling do not engage in workouts that you personally do not like. Take the time out to find workout routines that work for you, the idea is to get something that would be regular and sustainable. It’s easier to keep up with a routine you personally enjoy. It is also very important that we live active lives, this means that we exhaust our energies while trying to achieve our goals, Consider using the stairs, taking walks and engaging generally in physical activities.



Wondering why this made the list? well then keep reading! You cannot be healthy if you are not hearty. One thing very healthy people have in common is the fact that they ensure they are always in the right frame of mind. Say positive things to your own hearing, it will enable you to build a positive mindset that in turn equip you with the right attitude to face your daily challenges and conquer them. Trust me, once you don’t feel good on the inside, nothing else matters, with time your body begins to conform to what the mind feels. So one thing healthy people swear by is a healthy mind!


When these four habits are implemented successfully, it is most likely that one lives a very healthy life.

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