Secrets To Making The Perfect Smoothie

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A smoothie, often referred to as nutrition powerhouse, is a thick creamy beverage made purely from raw fruits, dairy product and sometimes vegetables.

The richness and healthfulness are determined by the concentration of the vegetables and dairy products in it. If prepared with the utmost care and with the right amount of nutritional elements, these rich organic beverages prevent dehydration, helps in weight loss, detoxifies the body and also helps the skin to glow.

To engage yourself in the journey of smoothie-worthiness, the following secrets will help in making the perfect smoothie:

Best made by yourself: A rich smoothie is best made with care and the tolerating factors of the one preparing it. It is safe to say, “no one does it better than the one is in charge.” So if you have the time, make your smoothie yourself.

It should contain Omega 3s: Food rich Omega 3s fatty acid have been scientifically proven to give health benefits to the body. give yourself a special treat by including in your smoothie.

Make it healthy with ice: Research has shown that a dense smoothie makes you fuller compared to one that is thinner, even if they both contain the same calorie count. Going by these assertions, the best way to make this nutritional magic is with ice.

Go for non-fat dairies: For less calorie intake, a smoothie made with a non-fat dairy product gives a healthy dose of protein filling. Try out some greek yoghurt instead of milk and make your smoothie healtier

More veggies: Ideally, a healthy smoothie should contain a rich proportion of vegetables. An effective “green smoothie” should consist of 40 – 50% of green leaf.

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