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Mamador Cooking Oil

Mamador cooking oil is a range of superior quality cooking oils from PZ Wilmar Ltd. We offer both vegetable oil and virgin palm oil. Every stage of the production process for Mamador is key in creating premium edible oil; from the selection of new tamper proof packaging to the refinement of quality produce to unrivalled world class production and quality standards. The Mamador brand delivers superior quality, purity and taste because only the good gets in. Mamador products are made from palm oil which makes it great for all of your cooking requirements; whether you’re frying, using oil as a recipe ingredient or as a dressing for a delicious salad, the purity of Mamador oil will ensure your food tastes great. If you're looking for recipe inspiration for your family and friends browse our Mamador cookbook which offers a range of recipes for all occasions.

Only the good gets in

Mamador cooking oils offer consumers a healthier way to cook. They are free from artificial additives, but contain essential Vitamins which help the body maintain a strong and healthy immune system. As part of a healthy diet, these products contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.

Tamper Proof Packs

Mamador tamper proof packaging gives you the peace of mind that your Mamador oil is 100% pure. We guarantee that as long as the packaging is intact all you get is 100% pure oil packed in our world-class clean and safe factory. This guarantees health, freshness and superb taste, meal after meal.

Uniquely filtered

Mamador cooking oils are uniquely filtered during the production process to ensure a superior flavour, colour and clarity. The filtering process also ensures Mamador stays fresher for longer. Like you, Mama knows what’s best to keep the family fed and happy, so next time you’re cooking make sure you use Mamador so that only the good gets into your food!

Engage with us

At Mamador, we're passionate about good, healthy food and cooking. If you feel the same, we want to hear from you! Don’t forget to share your favourite recipes with us on the website or via Facebook & Twitter. We'd also love to see you cooking photos and hear your views on food and cooking tips. Get involved!

PZ Wilmar Limited

PZ Wilmar Limited is a joint venture between PZ Cussons Ltd and Wilmar International Ltd, formed in 2011, with the head office based in Ilupeju, Lagos. PZ Wilmar Limited has a strong vision – to bring Palm Oil home to Nigeria. The ambition is to revive the palm oil industry in Nigeria for the benefit of the Country, the Community and the Consumer.

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