7 Last Minute Finger Food Ideas

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Finger Foods

Are you having friends over soon? Or, maybe you’re hosting a mini event and haven’t quite figured out what you’ll do about refreshments. In this post, we show you 7 finger food ideas you can choose from. These foods aren’t necessarily for events and house parties, mind you. They can be served and enjoyed at home as well.

  1. Potato Cakes:


What’s not to love about potatoes? They’re delicious, super healthy and can be prepared in so many different ways. In this recipe, mashed potatoes mix up with flour, baking powder, salt and pepper to produce a snack that is both exciting and deeply enjoyable.

  1. Samosa:


The Samosa is another finger meal that totally works when you’re having a get together or an event. You could go with mashed (cooked) potatoes, minced meat, ginger, etc as ingredients. Samosas are pretty common at parties lately and chefs are getting increasingly creative with their choice of ingredients. You’d hardly find a Nigerian “small chops” set up without the Samosa as a part of it. Have a look at our cookbook for some inspiration on how to prepare it.

  1. Banana Bread:


The secret ingredient in this recipe is ripe bananas. Bananas are rich in dietary fibre and good for maintaining heart function. They are mashed up and added to the other regular bread ingredients. The outcome is a delicious banana bread which can be enjoyed with a glass of juice.

  1. Empanadas:

Meat Pie

The preparation of this meal is quite similar to that of the Samosa. As with the Samosa, you can go many different ways with the choices of ingredients. A lot of people have adapted their own recipes for the Empanada though. Minced meat is frequently used – hence the reason it is commonly called meat pies. Break this out for your event or hang out and serve with drinks for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Salmon Kebab:

Salmon Kebab

Not many finger foods will match up with the Salmon Kebab when it comes to how enjoyable it is. Another perk it has is that it is a healthy meal as well. Salmon is rich in omega – 3 fatty acids, selenium and so many other nutrients. Serve it with salads, or chips and enjoy!

  1. Raisin Scones:

Raisin Scones

The beauty of this meal is that you can have all that sweetness ready in under 30 minutes. Get you a mix of low-fat yoghurt, milk, vanilla, raisins and some flour to get the recipe going. The Raisin Scones may be served with wine or juice as desired.

  1. Corn Dogs:

Corn Dog

Corn flour and sausage combine nicely to produce this delicious beauty. The recipe is pretty simple and the entire thing cooks really fast. It is common to find people inserting skewers halfway into their Corn Dogs during preparation. It helps with turning over the sausage in the pan, not to mention that they come in handy – as handles – when eating the meal.

Well then, be sure to get back to us on your experience trying out these recipes. Also, if you have other finger foods that are your favourite, please recommend in the comment section. You should also check out our post on 4 Tips To Help You Snack Healthy.


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