5 Reasons Why Skipping Breakfast is A Big Deal

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Skipping Breakfast

It’s okay to start your day early, but what’s not okay is skipping breakfast. This is especially if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and living life to the fullest. WebMD justifies this, saying that breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and helps you burn calories throughout the day.

But that’s not all. Here are more reasons why skipping breakfast really is a big deal:

  1. Breakfast boosts energy


Like fuel for a car, your breakfast is a major source of energy to your body. According to the Washington Times, glucose levels are low every morning, hence the need to restore these levels with a filling breakfast. Make sure these meals are rich in protein, fruits and vegetables to give you sustainable energy throughout the day.

  1. It meets your nutritional needs

As you sleep, meals from dinnertime are converted to energy and used to repair or regenerate your body tissues. That’s another reason why you need to eat breakfast the next morning to replenish nutrients lost at night.

The World Health Organisation (as cited in Executive Lifestyle Online) recommends that the body gets seven portions of fruit and vegetables plus protein, fats and carbohydrates to stay healthy. WIth this in mind, don’t just have anything for breakfast. Have something nutritious.

  1. It makes you feel less cranky

Feeling cranky in the morning isn’t abnormal. It could just be that you need more sleep, woke up hungry or are feeling stressed. When you skip breakfast, your mood is low and stress levels high. You become irritable and everyone around suffers for it too, says Food.NdTV

  1. It helps you concentrate

Benefits of Breakfast

It’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry, and this is worse in children. Remember they need to be at their optimal best to learn at school. By eating breakfast, brain cells are fed with nutrients to focus and that’s a good start for a productive day.

  1. It keeps unwanted weight off


Skipping meals doesn’t make you lose weight, fit-fam! It is the process of consistently eating small healthy meals at intervals that makes it possible.

Make sure your meals are rich in carbohydrates and proteins; these meals give the body a sense of fullness and reduce cravings for sweets and starches. That’s why when you skip breakfast, there is the tendency to overindulge with a big lunch. Your body metabolism also slows down instead of increase, as Food.ndTV points out.

There you have it, guys. Eating breakfast is indeed a big deal, but it’s not a good breakfast if it’s an unhealthy combination.

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  1. Tanx for d great impartation, I always skip my break fast,but now I no better

  2. Tanx for d great impartation, I always skip my break fast,but now I no better.

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