How to Avoid Frying Accidents and Blunders

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We present to you the 7 Commandments of Frying that will guarantee an accident-free, hazard-free and possibly waste-free frying cooking experience. These are rules that should be applied at all times, and should not be taken for granted under any circumstance. Read on to see which you need to start practicing today to Avoid Frying Accidents:


  1. Don’t overfill your pan or basket with food. Yes, overfilling saves time but it can also make your food items get greasy and stick to each other.


  1. Don’t leave cooking oil uncovered when you are not frying. The quality of your cooking oil is likely to be affected if you do, leading to oxidation.


  1. Don’t cook oil with debris from previous frying. This can affect the taste and colour of the food items you are frying.


  1. Don’t stand too close to your pan or fryer while cooking. You are less likely to encounter oil splash accidents and skin burns this way.


  1. Don’t cook wet food. Again, this will prevent oil splashes. Water and oil don’t mix and can even cause steam that burns your skin.


  1. Keep children away from the kitchen while frying foods. It’s not rare to hear of children tipping over frying pans accidentally with the handle leading to even third skin burns in some instances.


  1. Do not leave your electric fryer switched on when not in use.You can waste power this way.

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