9 Simple Crispy Fried Foods We Love

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You don’t have to be an acclaimed foodie to love food that is both thrilling and enjoyable. Are you trying to make a list of delightful, crispy fried foods? Some of them are staples and some come in handy when you’re in traffic, just relaxing in front of the TV, or snuggled up in bed and flipping through the pages of your favourite author. Here are 9 simple fried foods we (and this really means you) love:


  • Plantain Chips: Yes, we had to start with this. Whether ripe or unripe, plantain chips is that crispy food that defies age and class. Depending on preference, you can make them into round or oblong slices, add just salt or a combination of pepper and ginger and fry. Once it’s cool, you’re good to munch away.
  • Sweet Potato Chips: Following up close to plantain chips is potato chips. Once in a while, your taste buds want a different feel of the potatoes lying in your pantry. Easy to prepare, you can cut them up into slices or use a potato chip slicer, spice up and fry. The chips can be served with tea, soft drinks or plain water– whichever way you like yours.
  • Spring Rolls: Stuffed with vegetable and meat fillings, spring rolls are a tasty treat anytime and any day. The fillings are a healthy source of protein and vitamins, combining pleasure with vitality.
  • Chin-chin: You remember how birthdays were incomplete if the tray of chin-chin hadn’t been passed around or how you always wanted to visit your aunt because after her hug, came a plate of delicious chin-chin with a bottle of soft drink? This all-time favourite is made by cutting up kneaded wheat flour and frying.
  • Yam Balls: Looking for a way to “recycle” the leftover boiled yam? Yam balls are a simple and delightful alternative to savour. All you have to do is mash the yam till it’s smooth, follow these steps, and fry.
  • Kulikuli: We all love peanuts and when taken a creative step further, we have our crispy and crunchy kulikuli. No need to rack our brains too much, we simply grind peanuts into a paste, spice it, roll into balls or sticks and deep fry.
  • Kokoro: This food is popular in some parts of Northern and Southern Nigeria and can be eaten on the go or in the comfort of your home. Crunchy and filling, kokoro is made by frying boiled and spiced cornmeal.
  • Coconut chips: This food is becoming popular as more people are embracing coconut and all the goodness contained therein. Easy to make at home by frying thin slices of coconut that are spiced sparingly.
  • Chicken nuggets: Chicken must not be eaten in the same way every time, you know? That’s why we love this food. Prepared in a mixture of eggs, flour and breadcrumbs, chicken nuggets are fried to an attractive golden brown and they taste just heavenly.

So, go on and enjoy your favourite foods fried in healthy Mamador Oil and remember these tips to avoid frying accidents. Hit up the comment section; let us know more delightful fried foods that we have not mentioned.

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