How to Eat Healthy for the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us! However, that doesn’t mean that anxiety should come upon us too. Are you worried about how last year’s holidays had you on a food roller coaster? We want to save you all that headache by sharing with you practical tips on how to eat healthy for the holidays:


  • Enjoy the conversations at meal times instead of concentrating solely on the food: This helps you eat less and feel fuller. It also takes your attention off reaching for every single item on the table. Remember that the holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and not just about indulging in food.


  • Do not starve: This may appear somewhat ironic but it’s a great tip for eating the healthy way. When you skip a meal and stay without food for long, the tendency to either overeat or binge on a particular meal is higher.


  • Plan meals ahead of time: Choose food carefully, read through labels, and settle only for the healthy options. Buy fresh, whole foods and substitute empty calories. Cook with healthy ingredients like Mamador vegetable oil and seasoning cubes.


  • Ensure all classes of food are represented: Remember what we were taught about balanced diets in Health Education. No matter how much you want to eat a particular food item, always serve it in a portion that accommodates others as well. It’s also important to give vegetables priority instead of merely as an afterthought.


  • Stay Active: It is important that you take walks, jog, use the treadmill, or whatever else works for you. With exercise, however little, you engage your mind and keep it from craving unnecessarily.


  • Rest well: Ensure that the flurry of holiday activities does not deprive you of adequate sleep. When you’re sleep-deprived, it’s easy to trick yourself into eating anything that comes your way.


  • Opt for small plates: Since we are inclined to unconsciously fill our plates at a dinner, using a small plate is a practical way to cut down the quantity of food to be eaten. Also, apply the ten-minute rule – this gives your brain adequate time to decide if it’s still hungry or not. And even if you require a second helping, you can remember to scoop more from the vegetable bowl.

    As you enjoy the holidays, catch up on other tips on the blog like the best way to prepare for cooking.


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