Ingredients Swaps To Spice Up Your Meals

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It get’s pretty boring trying out the same meals the same way you have always had them. Moreso if the ingredients are not particularly great for your health. Whether it be flour, sugar, butter, etc. – which are common ingredients in many staple foods, there are healthier swaps that can get the job done just as well.

In this post, we outline a few ingredient swaps you could pull off in some popular meals. The ingredients are easy to get and will come in handy for the meals you love and already know how to prepare.

1. Spaghetti Jollof Instead of Rice Jollof


Spaghetti Jollof Swaps For Jollof Rice

Craving some Jollof but feel like you’re eating way too much rice? Well, you can bring a twist to the meal by going the spaghetti way. It is just as easy to cook as rice – with the extra added advantage of it not requiring any washing. We have a Spaghetti Jollof Rice recipe in our cookbook which you might want to try out.

2. Vegetable Oil in Place of Butter to Grease Your Baking Pan


Vegetable Oil Swaps For Butter to Grease

While it may be common practice to grease baking pans with butter to help achieve that golden brown sheen, using oil works just as well. Vegetable oil is cholesterol free and also contains Omega 6 & 9 which is good for the heart.

3. Bulgur Jollof Rice instead of Polished Rice


Bulgur Jollof Rice Swaps For Polished Rice

Jollof rice is a rather famous meal enjoyed by lots of people. It has spurned memes and tweet fights had a rather viral video made about it and is basically a national treasure. More often than not, Jollof rice is prepared with polished rice. Using Bulgur wheat grains – which are rich in low-fat protein and low-calorie carbohydrate – instead also achieves Jollof rice that is both delicious and healthy.

4. Banana Chocolate Muffins


Banana Chocolate Muffins Swaps

Muffins are basically like tiny slices of irresistible awesomeness. Just thinking about them makes you want to have one, right? The Banana Chocolate Muffin is one up on the regular muffin in that the addition of mashed bananas – which are a rich source of potassium – and chocolates make for a more exciting taste that will have you asking for more.

5. Salmon Kebab


Salmon Kebab Swaps

Kebabs come to mind when you think of having an outdoor event or you’re thinking of finger foods to share with friends when they come over. Beef and Chicken Kebabs are pretty common but we don’t want to go for common in this post. That’s why we’re suggesting you swap the beef or chicken with some salmon for a change. Apart from the obvious health advantages that salmon brings, the taste is, quite simply, amazing.

6. Overripe Plantain Waffles


Overripe Plantain Waffles Swaps

Did you know you could make delicious waffles with ripe plantains instead of flour? Well, now you do. Next time you have overripe plantains at home and aren’t quite sure what to do with them, you couldn’t do much better than making waffles with them. They’re just as enjoyable as the other kinds of waffles and have that exciting ripe plantain flavor to boot.

There you have it. Give these suggestions a try and let us know how it all works out for you. If you know any other ingredient swaps, please share with us in the comments section for everyone to see. Also, you may want to check out our post on Cheat Meal Ideas to Make You Feel Less Guilty.

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