The Perfect Jollof Rice Buddy: Chicken or Turkey?

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Chicken Turkey Jollof Rice

More than just a side attraction to a plate of jollof rice, the chicken or turkey debate has been a trend over time. They have both been judged based on their nutritional value, taste and compatibility. Today we are joining the debate, but  we will let you play the jury. Let the trial begin!


Health benefit

  • Heart health: According to Organic Fact blog, chicken is a good source of niacin. which helps us to lower our cholesterol level. Cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease development. Chicken is also rich in vitamin B6, which is a key player in the prevention of heart attacks. Turkey is also is a  source of niacin. When you take the skin off  completely, because most of the fat is contained in the skin, turkey meat is really low in fat and just like chicken, it can also reduce cholesterol level

Chicken breast

  • Builds Bones:  We know the protein content in chicken is popular knowledge, but did you know that chicken contains other minerals like phosphorus and calcium? Phosphorus and calcium are nutrients that help to build our bones and teeth. Before you declare a winner, we would like to announce to you, that turkey also contains phosphorus, and is very rich in protein  So whatever your choice is, based on a health benefit scale, they both score same points.


  • Cooking: Turkey is usually cooked at lower temperatures than chicken, to give time for the whole turkey to cook without drying out the exterior. Turkey meat  is also highly sensitive to heat, but it still allows for grilling roasting or frying. You probably already know that chicken can also be cooked in many ways like sausages, grilled, deep-fried with Mamador cooking oil, or used in various curries. Although, unlike turkey, chicken can take high heat cooking, except when grilling.

roast chicken

  • Nutritional Content
Chicken (broiler or fryers, breast, skinless, boneless, meat only, raw) /nutritional value per 100g Turkey (mechanically deboned, from turkey frames, raw)/ nutritional value per 100g
Protein – 22.50 g Protein- 13.29 g
Iron- 0.37 mg Iron – 1.6 mg
Sodium- 45 mg Sodium – 48 mg
Carbohydrate – 0.00g Carbohydrate – 0.00g
Phosphorus –  213 mg Phosphorus – 115 mg


With details from United State Department of Agricultural research, in the table above, we can see that there are slight differences in the nutritional content of both turkey and chicken, but we think it’s still a close battle nonetheless.The way we see this, we might never be able to tell who Jollof rice’s ride or die buddy is. But since we have made you the jury, you can still tell us who your winner is and why.

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If you can’t get enough of Jollof Rice, you might enjoy An Ode to Jollof Rice!


Court dismissed!



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