6 Tips To Help You Host A Great Holiday Party

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Throw a great party

At this time of the year, it’s almost like all the dates on the calendar have been ticked off. There are events lined up, parties, dinners, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, everything happens very quickly.

Hosting a good holiday party doesn’t have to be expensive. What really matter is how much thought and planning you put into the event.

Here are a few ideas that would make your party memorable for your friends and family without breaking the bank.


  • Go all out on food:



This is everybody’s favourite part. Your guests are expecting good food so make sure that you pick a menu that consists of meals that everyone will enjoy. Our first suggestion would be to make sure that there’s plenty of Jollof rice. It is the centerpiece and should be treated as such. Accompany it with BBQ chicken or  Jollof turkey wings and you’re onto a winner. But make sure you don’t forget Fried rice, that has to be on the menu too. Or if you’re not a big rice person, why not try out our couscous stir-fry recipe. To keep the party going , you could also think about preparing popular finger foods too like baked samosa or chicken balls.


  • Drinks:



Stock your bar with a variety of drinks ranging from wines to spirits. Throw in some cocktails too, You will need them.


  • Desserts:  



According to Food Network, a good dessert is integral to helping spread holiday cheer around. Make sure your party is filled with positive vibes by trying out some of our deliciously healthy desserts like banana chocolate or hot cross buns.


  • Have a photo booth:


Photo Booth

The sight of this at your party will lighten the mood, and ensure that your guests have a great time and physical memories to go home with (especially the remarkable menu they were treated to)


  • Let there be games:



This is a sure fire way to make sure your guests have a great time at your party and meet new people. Friendly competitive activities are great for putting people at ease around strangers. Why not set out a few board games like monopoly and checkers for them to get into and some team games like charades and jackpot because the more people who can get involved, the merrier.


  • Have some Holiday decorations:



Holiday decorations are great for setting the mood and creating a welcoming aesthetic and feel for your party. Try to match your tableware with your decorations to bring the whole room together.

Okay guys, we hope this post sparks off some holiday cheer and inspires some wonderful parties because this is, after all, the season of celebration!  

What do you do to make your parties feel special?

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