5 Simple Nutrition Tips for Ramadan 2016

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Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim customers! As the holy month gets closer, we are sure you are looking forward to a joyful season of sharing, fasting and appreciating Allah’s many blessings in your lives.


These useful nutrition tips will help you stay energized and healthy as you fast:


  1. Stay hydrated: It’s important to drink as much water as possible during Ramadan. Health experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses per day, after you have broken your fast, of course. Coffee addicts may not like this, but abstaining from the caffeine beverage is a must as well as it can dehydrate you quite quickly.


  1. Eat plenty fruits: Watermelon and oranges are great examples of fruits to try this season. Not only will they keep you hydrated and energised, watermelon supplies the body with necessary potassium and magnesium salts.  Oranges, as you probably know, are also packed with vitamin C. This nutrient is what will help your system fight infections during Ramadan.


  1. Go for fiber: Make sure your meals are balanced in various nutrients, with emphasis on richness in fiber and roughages. Green vegetables are excellent sources, helping to avoid constipation that’s common when you drastically change your eating routine. So don’t forget to include them to your meal.


  1. How to cook: Shallow frying, baking and grilling should be your cooking methods of choice this season. When you choose to shallow-fry, use light, low-cholesterol options of cooking oil like Mamador.


  1. Take multivitamins:  Dietary supplements like multivitamins capsules or tablets will help you avoid insufficiencies in your vitamins and minerals quota for the day. These nutrients help to maintain your internal body processes, so including them in your meals is a must during Ramadan.

In the next series, we will share some little-known health benefits of the fasting season.

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