5 Ways to Tell You’re a Foodie

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Have you ever been talking with someone and, at some point, they say the “I’m a foodie, I love food” line? Well, for many people, food is for eating and curing hunger cravings whenever they come. For some others, though, there is more to it than that. To them, food is a culture all on its own; a unique lifestyle that they embody and showcase.


To be clear, being a foodie isn’t necessarily something bad or anything to be frowned upon – even though people tend to associate the term with someone who seems like they’re always eating. That’s usually because each of us knows at least that one person who seems to have overstretched it, right? It can be said, though, that foodies have acquired a certain sense and appreciation for the culture of food that is almost artistic if you will.


So, how do you tell if you’re a foodie, yourself? Well, we’ve put together a checklist just for that. If all or most of the items apply to you, you very likely are one.


  1. You know the names and location of every meat shop at least 5 miles from your street: Usually there is the shop nearest to your house which you’ve tried out before. But you know at least three others considerably far away, because, depending on the specific kind of chicken or meat you want, you know who to call. Even though they all sell the same items – in the eyes of everyone else, at least. But you know the difference.


  1. You know all the popular food bloggers and then some: Being a good cook yourself, you take that extra care to know who all the top food bloggers are in the country and have most of their recipes down to a formula. You even know some other not-so-popular ones who you insist are even better than the popular ones to your friends – or anyone who cares to listen. You know this because you’ve tried all their recipes.


  1. You nursed the idea of doing your own food/cooking show: You always see the food shows on the food channel and the popular ones on Youtube. Sometimes you are amazed at how you, with culinary skills light years ahead of some of those on display on these shows have managed to not showcase your art to the world. You are wracked with mild guilt about this sometimes, but then you see the joy in the faces of your family and friends when you cook for them and you’re slightly comforted.


  1. You’re always collecting a supplier’s details: If you go to a dinner event or eat at a friend’s house and a sense that they might have a contact who supplies them groceries that seem the least bit fresher than your supplier’s, then you need to have that supplier’s detail. Or, maybe their Potatoes and plantains look bigger? Then that supplier might as well be yours too.


  1. You’re the one everyone defers to for all things food: If there’s going to be a party or everyone is just going out to have dinner somewhere, you’re the go-to person everyone trusts to make the call on what to get or where to go. Also, your friends are always calling you about that your recipe for bolognese and pasta or some other fancy meal like that.

Now, there are several other things that make foodies stand out, but these ones above cover the basics. Do you embody these traits? Or, maybe you know someone who they describe perfectly. Share this post with them. Also, what are other traits of foodies you know about? Share with us in the comments section. You might also like our post on 5 Great Meals for a Deep Frying Foodie

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