5 Ways To Eat Plantain (That Aren’t Dodo)

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More often than not, when people talk about plantain, they usually have dodo (fried plantain) in mind. It’s not surprising – dodo is right up there among the irresistible meals served in Nigeria. It almost has like a cult following of sorts, even, judging by how people talk about it on social media. Dodo is undeniably awesome, no doubt, but plantain can be had in several other delicious ways as well, and that is the focus of this post.

1. Unripe Plantain Porridge:


You don’t always have to wait for your plantain to ripen (and then rush on to make Dodo with it). The unripe plantain porridge is super delicious and quick to make. Plantain cooks quite fast and the meal can be ready in under 40 minutes. You can spruce up your recipe as desired. You could even add beans to the mix and still have a great plantain porridge.

2. Mosa Recipe:


Think puff puff balls, but made with blended ripe plantain instead. This meal is a testament to the diversity that can be achieved with plantain. So, next time you have ripe plantains, before instinctively breaking out the oil and making some Dodo, try making some Mosa for a change. Better yet, arranging small chops for a little event you’re having? Switch things up a bit with the plantain Mosa and watch everyone enjoy it just as well, if not more.

3. Overripe Plantain Waffles:

353x240-overipeplantainwafflesrecipe.1487332780 (1)

Savor the sweetness of plantain in this exciting waffles recipe. Leave your plantains to get properly ripe or overripe, blend them and then break out your waffle maker for an exciting cooking experience. Check out our cookbook to see the method of preparation.

4. Boiled (or Steamed) Plantain and Sauce:

boiled plantain

Just like yams, plantain is often boiled and enjoyed with any sauce or stew as desired. While the plantains in the feature image have been cooked with their peels on (some people prefer it this way), you may boil them without the peels and then serve them with stew, garden egg or vegetable sauce.

5. Ram Dodo:


Alright, we know we did say this post was about ways to have plantain that isn’t Dodo, but we couldn’t resist completely. Well, the Ram Dodo recipe is peculiar because of the ingredients and the method of preparation is remarkably different from regular Dodo. Also, Ram meat is a rich source of high-quality protein and many vitamins. The Ram Dodo can be served with rice or had a meal all by itself.

So, we’ve established that, whether ripe or unripe, plantain easily lends itself to form the basic ingredients of a number of enjoyable meals. What do you say, how about you try out any of these recipes and share your experience with us in the comments section?

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