6 Ways to Get Creative With Your Jollof

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Is today the most iconic day ever or what? Jollof rice has consistently found itself on the dining tables of every African home and now it has its own special day. World Jollof Rice Day falls on the 22nd of August every year and we would love to see different ways we can enjoy our Jollof today. But hold on, which African country actually has the best Jollof?  

In the kitchen, it seems like there are a billion ways to prepare jollof rice. Every party you go to serves jollof rice, but with an exceptional taste! How’s that? But with the savory taste of your rice, what do you eat with it? Are you tired of a heap of rice and putting meat or chicken at the top of your mountain? Be assured that we will leave you with something different to do on this special day. 

Seafood Jollof: With a variety of seafood there are, you can select any seafood you would love. It’s your choice to have a seafood sauce and add to your rice or infuse spicy chunks into the preparation of your pot of rice. Every spoon will have something inviting than just grains. 

Beans and Jollof: For a change, add beans while cooking your Jollof. Boil them separately and mix together to simmer for some time. It locks in the flavor of both the rice and beans. Be careful while cooking and keep to time, because your rice, beans or both may end up being too soggy.

Jollof and plantain: Where are our dodo lovers? Feel free to decorate your rice with your plantains. Whether unripe, ripe or even sweet overripe pieces. Slice them nicely or dice them. 

Jollof and coleslaw: Never miss out on the creaminess of coleslaw. The amazing taste of this side dish will complement your Jollof successfully. The sweet-sour taste of your salad cream or mayonnaise blends with the spicy jollof rice.

Jollof and Moi-Moi: Moi-Moi is made out of blended beans and steamed to create a tasty pudding. Usually served at parties and ceremonies, It can be prepared with fish and eggs, which will definitely compliment your hot plate of Jollof Rice.  

Jollof and fries: Yes, Jollof and fries! If you’re hearing this for the first time, your fellow Nigerians are way ahead of you in the Jollof business. Fries are sides and are an interesting combination. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Did you know that Jollof rice can cure whatever? Go and eat Jollof today and don’t forget to share on the Mamador Tasty Healthy Club!

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