Great Reasons Why You Should Eat Tofu (Awara)

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Tofu is not nearly as popular as it deserves to be. The soybeans based snack is quite common in some parts of Nigeria, especially northern Nigeria and some parts of the west as Awara. You’ve probably seen it around and didn’t quite know what it was.


One of the greatest things about tofu is that it is rich in protein and is an easy meat substitute for people looking to cut down on their meat consumption. That’s because it is prepared in such a way that it has that delicious meaty feel and taste and can either be eaten alone or added when cooking soups and stews.


Awara (Tofu) is made from soybeans curd. The entire process is quite simpler than it seems, in case you’re interested in making some at home. First, you soak some soybeans in a bowl overnight. Then rinse off the chaff (peeled off outer skin) and grind the beans to get a paste. Kind of like the same process for making moin-moin. Then dilute the paste a bit with water and filter out the chaff with a cloth sieve, and boil the liquid. This yields fine soy milk.


You could decide to keep some of the soy milk and include additives and sweeteners as you desire, but to make Tofu, you’ll need to coagulate the milk. A coagulant like alum will do. When the milk is coagulated, you allow to cool, drain the water, mash and season the curds. Season to desired taste – you can add pepper, salt, ginger, etc. and fry in vegetable oil and you have Tofu. Awara is when the seasoned Tofu curds (now shaped into cubes) are dipped in eggs and fried.


Soybeans are a richly healthy food. It contains several vitamins and is low in carbs, which is great if you’re measuring your carb intake. It also has a low glycemic index – which means it doesn’t raise the blood’s sugar level. That makes it a great option for people dealing with diabetes. Soybeans is also a rich source of dietary fiber.


You may not necessarily have to go through the process of preparing your own Tofu. Depending on where you live, you might easily find it to buy at the market or mall. But, as we’ve shown here, it’s not at all difficult to make.


Are you thinking of trying out a new recipe? Tofu sounds like a great choice, and anyone could always take a break from meat every once in a while with a healthy, just as delicious alternative.

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