Healthy Food Swaps That Work

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With the number of foods all around, it is quite tricky to imbibe a healthy eating habit. However, doing so isn’t as difficult as it appears. A good approach is to get healthy food swaps, and you’ll find out that they serve the same purpose and are just as nice or even nicer. 

Avocado for Mayonnaise: Avocado contains up to  20 nutrients and this includes fibre, potassium, vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid and is a good healthy food swap for mayonnaise. The amazing thing is that avocados add the moisture and fat that mayonnaise puts in a dish, but it’s less heavy. To substitute avocado, simply cut the fruit up, mash it with a fork, and spread it as you would mayonnaise. You can use it in turkey sandwiches, egg salad, tuna sandwiches and a host of other dishes. 

Frozen Grapes for Popsicles: If you are looking for the perfect way to beat the heat while cutting out sugar, try nibbling on some frozen grapes as a healthy food swap for popsicles. Each one is like a tiny, perfect popsicle! The juicy goodness freezes into the perfect little frozen bite that gives you a chilled satisfaction. All you’ll be needing for this fruity popsicle bite is a bundle of your favourite grape and a freezer.

 Simply wash and freeze the grapes, and then enjoy them frozen!

Fruit Parfait for Ice Cream: There’s nothing quite like digging into a bowl of ice cream after a long day. But those fats, calories, and sugar aren’t so comforting. Well, here is a quick fix: Put some of your favourite fruits together and make yourself a nice cup of fruit parfait that is just as sweet (naturally sweetened) and yummy as a bowl of ice cream, tasty healthy food swap.

White bread for Whole-wheat Bread: A step to living a healthier lifestyle is as simple as swapping good old white bread for brown bread (whole-wheat bread). Research has proven that this healthy food swap can save you a whopping 700 calories a week. Also, due to its high fibre content, brown bread keeps you feeling satiated for longer and prevents you from snacking unnecessarily. So, when next you visit the store, you sure know what bread to buy.

Fruit Juice for Fresh Fruits Squeeze: Taken, it is far much easier to grab a pack of fruit juice from the store and take a long swig at it. However, all it takes is just a little discipline to make your own freshly squeezed juice which tastes far better and is healthier. It’s one of the most underrated healthy food swaps ever.

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