Heart Friendly Exercises

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In case you missed it, we’ve been focusing on how to keep the heart healthy for a while now. Last week, we shared content on the kind of fruits that are good for your heart and, the week before that, we showed you how to eat right to keep your heart healthy. This week, we’ll be talking about the kinds of exercises that are great for your heart.


Now, one of the biggest misconceptions about exercises is that many people think they have to do a lot to get results. So, what you get is people who pack on a lot of routines or subject themselves to a tedious regiment from the start that they burn out quickly and often just quit altogether. It’s much better to have a consistent approach to exercise where you do a little bit each day rather than trying to do everything at once and burning yourself out before you have the opportunity to develop a stable routine


Heart-friendly exercises are generally referred to as aerobic or cardio exercises. Aerobic exercises focus on challenging your heart, lungs, and muscles for a few minutes, building up their strength. The heart works overtime by thumping faster and oxygenated blood gets transported to the muscles to keep them going.


Experts estimate that adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or exercise a week to keep the heart healthy. Moderation and consistency are the keys. Below are a list of activities or exercises you can engage in to keep your heart healthy:


  1. Swimming. Swimming is a highly recommended aerobic exercise because of its many benefits. It works every muscle in your body and is great for building endurance.


  1. Ride a bike. Sometimes, leave the car at home and cycle around the neighborhood.
  2. Dancing. Who says you have to wait for the next Owambe to rock your body? Once in a while, put on some music at home and have a proper dance. It’s fun and also great for your heart. Win-win!


  1. Brisk walking. Walking briskly is another easy aerobic activity you can take up. Increase your pace on short errands around your neighborhood every once in a while. It’ll make your heart rate increase, make you sweat more and put a little more strain on your muscles giving you a worthwhile result and a more efficient way.


  1. Run up and down the stairs. This activity might be quite rigorous for some, but it is one that you could opt for every now and again. If you live or work in a building with elevators, try taking the stairs sometimes. We guarantee that it will do your heart a world of good.


Remember that a consistent and moderate approach is the best way to tackle an exercise routine. Try not to do so much all at once so that you don’t end up avoiding doing exercise altogether.
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