The Ultimate Guide to Portion Control

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9 times out of 10, in your journey to staying healthy and eating right, you’ve probably gone on a diet or considered it at least once. How long did you stay on a diet? Did you feel like you were starving yourself? You probably were; and it’s a common mistake people often make when they begin a diet. When you starve yourself for the sake of dieting; you are more likely to eat extra large portions when you’re done with your diet defeating the purpose of dieting in the first place.

Mastering moderate serving sizes is a helpful tip to help you eat healthy. Team Mamador thought it would be a good idea to help you in this area, so we put together a portion control user manual. We hope this makes your dieting a lot easier.

So let’s begin!

  1. Compare your serving sizes with everyday objects: This saves you from trying to learn or even memorize suitable quantities of your favourite food items. Ideally, a portion of …

                           Pasta should be about the size of one scoop of ice cream 

                           Meat, Fish or Poultry should be the size of your palm

                           Mayonnaise (a teaspoon) is about the size of a dice

  1. Learn to read food labels: Portion control can also be guided by checking the nutritional label of food packaging. When you are familiar with the quantity listed, you can then decide how to balance it with other meal accompaniments.
  1. Develop good eating out habits: Next time you are out at a buffet, try filling up your plate with veggies before going on to the main course. If it’s a la carte, ask the server to put only half the meal on your plate and pack the other half to go. Sharing your dessert with friends always goes a long way in portion control too.  
  1. Use smaller dishes during mealtime: The trick with this is that your plate will look full, and you would be eating less. Also, the more options you have to add to choose from, the more you eat. It’s a good idea to limit your options as much as possible.
  1. Put away leftovers: Having food lying around might tempt you into having a second serving, or just pick at it when you walk past. So preserve what’s left as soon as you can to keep the meal out of sight and your mouth.

We hope this helps your healthy eating mission!  Stay tuned for more of our favourite healthy eating tips!

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