Time-saving Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

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Messy surfaces and stubborn stains are a pain. It’s quite stressful to do all the shopping and cooking for the holiday season and still stress out when it’s time to clean. Even though the kitchen proves difficult to keep sparkling clean, it is the part of the home that needs to stay that way because that’s where meals are prepared. To help you overcome this, here are 8 time-saving kitchen cleaning hacks to worry less and spend more time with family.

  1. Clean the cooker and sink immediately after every cooking: It’s tempting to postpone this activity till later. However, you end up with stains that dry up and become difficult to clean. You can also use hot water to free up the drain quickly.

    2. Work from top to down: It’s ideal to begin every cleaning process from the top so that you don’t have to repeat any section unnecessarily. Start from the top shelves down to the table top and slaps before proceeding to the floors.

    3. Cleaning iron pots: Some dishes leave sticky and impossible remnants on iron pots and the inclination is to scrub all day with tough sponges. With a combination of coarse sea salt and a halved lemon, the process is smoother and less likely to ruin your pan.

    4. Removing Stubborn Coffee Pot Stains: You do not want to feel embarrassed if someone has to take a look at your coffee pot. Sometimes, the stains take up all your energy with little or no result. However, with a combination of salt, sliced lemon, ice and some water, you can get rid of the stains with less exertion. Pour them into the pot and shake thoroughly as you watch the stains clear.

    5. Scrubbing Greasy Cabinets: A clean cabinet is a welcoming arm as you step into your kitchen. Unfortunately, longstanding greases on the cabinets accumulate dirt and make the shelves dull. To get the glitter back, simply combine 1 part vegetable oil with 2 parts baking soda and use a light brush to scrub out.

    6. Getting rid of crumbs and dust in toasters: It is important that delicious toasts come from a clean toaster. Finding your way around the interior of a toaster in order to clean out stuck crumbs usually is daunting. A compressed air duster may be your option and there’s a hack if you have a hair dryer!. With this, you can blow out stubborn crumbs from the crumb tray effortlessly.

    7. Cleaning Ovens: The surface of an oven is sensitive and should be kept away from intense and harsh scrubbing as much as possible. Simply mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 4 tablespoons of vinegar and dab the surface. Allow to sit for 20 minutes and wipe out without stress.

    8. Combine tasks effectively: You can work at another utensil or part of the kitchen while you allow a surface to absorb a cleaning agent. Soak dirty utensils in soapy water as you cook. This helps you achieve a lot in a short time.

Got the tips? Great. There are lots more on the blog, and you can also see food safety tips to observe during the holidays.

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