Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health and your heart. Let's celebrate our hearts with dark chocolate ice cream, shall we?
  • Ingredients

    2 cups heavy cream

    5 Tablespoons cocoa powder (preferably dark)

    3 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped (either 60% or 72% cacao)

    2 oz. unsweetened chocolate, chopped (100% cacao)

    1 cup whole milk

    1/2 cup sugar

    pinch of salt

    5 large egg yolks

    1 teaspoon almond extract

    1½ cups semi-sweet chocolate chips, chunks, or chopped up chocolate

  • Method
    Step 1
    Pour 1 cup of heavy cream and the cocoa powder into a saucepan, and whisk it over medium heat until it is combined.
    Step 2
    Once it starts bubbling, keep whisking for 30 more seconds and then take it off the stove. Add in the chopped up chocolates and stir until it's smooth.
    Step 3
    Stir in the second cup of heavy cream. Pour the chocolatey cream into a large bowl, and place a strainer on top of it.
    Step 4
    Warm the milk, sugar, and salt over a medium heat, mixing it all together until the sugar is dissolved. Once the mixture is warm, slowly pour at least half into your medium bowl that has the yolks, whisking constantly.
    Step 5
    Once the egg yolks are sufficiently warmed and smooth, pour the eggs with the milk back into the saucepan. Over a medium heat, stir this continually for 6-7 minutes, until it becomes thickened and coats the spatula.
    Step 6
    Then add in the almond extract and mix until everything is smooth again.
    Step 7
    Fill the giant pan (or a really large bowl) with ice and cold water, and place the bowl of chocolaty custard in the middle of it, so that the cold water goes up the sides.
    Step 8
    While it sits in this ice bath, stir your mixture until it is cool enough to transfer to the refrigerator to chill, covered.
    Step 9
    Once the custard is completely cold (at least a couple of hours, but overnight is fine too,) freeze it in your ice cream maker according to its instructions.
    Step 10
    Mix in your chocolate chips and/or your chocolate cake. Eat it right away.
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    5 stars
    Zivah | 05/09/2017
    Keep doing the good work of enlightenment in the area of health and total well being of your customers!

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