Moin Moin Recipe

Moin Moin is a healthy Nigerian snack or meal accompaniment prepared with steamed cooking. It can be enjoyed at different times of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner - and by people of all ages.
  • Ingredients

    Serves - 8 people

    700g of brown beans (1 big tin)

    Red bell pepper (Tatashe pepper)

    Bonnet pepper (Atarodo)

    Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

    Crayfish (optional)

    2 large onion bulbs

    Eggs (optional)

  • Method
    Step 1
    Soak the beans in water for 10-20 minutes then wash to remove the thin outer coat.
    Step 2
    Wash the beans to remove the brownish outer coat, keep squeezing, washing and sieving till you are left with the white beans.
    Step 3
    Add all of them (beans, onions, crayfish (optional), atarodo and tatashe) in a small clean bucket and take to the commercial grinding mill to grind.
    Step 4
    After grinding, you can add corned beef, smoked or cooked fish or eggs. The egg can be dropped on top after the moi-moi have been distributed in cooking plates, if you want to use eggs.
    Step 5
    While still in the bowl, add Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil about 8 to 10 cl to the mix, add seasoning cubes, fish stock water (optional) and salt to taste. Taste the entire mixture.
    Step 6
    Distribute in as many plastic bowls as possible or moi-moi wrappers. After the distribution you can drop into the cooking pot.
    Step 7
    If you are cooking with plastic bowls, you can drop the bowls on top of each other but you must drop the stem of the moi moi wrapper at the bottom of the pot to avoid burning.
    Step 8
    Drop the bowls in the pot and add water simultaneously making sure it doesn't top the first bowl. Then cover tightly and cook for about 30 to 50 minutes adding water at interval to avoid burning or too much water that would run into the bowls.
    Step 9
    This part is monitored closely because if you allow the pot to dry, the bowls would start melting especially if you are using plastic bowls. You can bring out one of the bowls after cooking for 30 minutes to check if it is done, check again after ten minutes.
    Step 10
    Serve with Pap (Ogi/Akamu), rice or custard.
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