Obe Ata Dindin (Buka Stew) Recipe

Obe Ata Dindin is a distinct stew recipe used by local Buka joints in Nigeria. It primarily consists of palm oil and fried pieces of different cow parts, made on an open flame.
  • Ingredients

    Serves - people

    10 whole tomatoes

    2 large red bell peppers (Tatashe)

    4 Scotch Bonnet Peppers (Ata Rodo)

    3 spoonfuls of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

    2 medium-sized onions

    1 teaspoon garlic powder or A garlic clove (optional)

    500g of assorted meat(beef, shaki(tripe),ponmo, chicken)

    2 tablespoonfuls of ground crayfish(optional)

    4 hard boiled eggs(optional)

    Salt to taste

    1 stock cube or any seasoning of choice

  • Method
    Step 1
    Before you cook the Buka stew; cook or boil the meat you would be using and set aside for later use. If you want to add eggs, then also boil them beforehand, peel of the shell and set aside.
    Step 2
    Add the pepper, tomatoes and one onion in a blender and blend (you can also make use of canned stewed tomatoes if you don’t have fresh tomatoes)…make sure to add little water as you blend, but if you end up with a watery mixture, simply add it to a pot and boil to remove excess liquid.
    Step 3
    Next, place a pot on medium heat, pour in Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil, heat it up until is very hot(but not smoking), then add the meat and fry until dry. Then take them out and set aside.
    Step 4
    Now, add an onion (shredded) into the hot oil, fry a bit and then add the blended tomato & pepper mix. Cook until the mixture loses its sour taste, or until you begin to see the oil rise to the top.
    Step 5
    Next, add the garlic powder, seasoning cubes, ground crayfish and salt to taste. You can also add more seasoning if you like to. Mix thoroughly, cover and leave to cook for 2 minutes.
    Step 6
    Add the fried meat, mix well, cover the pot, simmer for 5 minutes and put off the heat.
    Step 7
    Add the boiled eggs and your Buka Stew/Obe Ata dindin is ready. ENJOY!
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    michael | 28/03/2017
    Pls can i use Palm Oil ? instead of vegetable oil ,.

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